This totally real map makes it look like Australia is on fire, and it kinda is

Australia is sweltering through an intense heatwave this week that’s scorching the country from coast to coast with temperatures as high as 49.3 degrees Celsius (120.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

In numerous locations, temperature records have already been broken, with minimum overnight temperatures in three towns of 33°C (91°F) showing even the night offers no escape from the blistering heat.

In parts of the country, maximum temperatures are rising to 8°C to 12°C above average, producing emergency alerts, like in South Australia, where Code Red conditions are seeing bats drop out of trees.

Yes, you read that right. This also happened last year.

When you check out the temperature map from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (below), it’s kinda like staring into the flaming eye of Sauron, although thankfully there’s no trace of purple just yet – a colour that had to be added to weather maps in 2013. 

017 australia heatwave 2019 1(Bureau of Meteorology)

Regional towns in New South Wales are being hit by brutal mid-40°C temperatures, while one small town in Western Australia has hit at least 40°C every day for almost a whole month.

For eastern states, the worst is expected later in the week.

Until the intense conditions pass, as the South Australian Bureau of Meteorology says, “Keep your family, friends and pets cool” – if you can. And maybe leave some water out for wildlife.

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